Iranian Association of Boston

Our Community is Our Power



Established in 1989, the Iranian Association of Boston (IAB) is a non-political, non-religious organization and has no affiliation with any political or religious organization. The Iranian Association of Boston is dedicated to promoting the cultural and social understanding of Iran.


Mission & Purpose

The Iranian Association of Boston is dedicated to promoting the cultural and social understanding of Iranian Americans as well as encouraging mutual understanding between Iranian Americans and the community at large in the Boston area.


Programs & Services

  • Aiding Iranian Americans in need by matching their requirements with established Iranian American providers, such as physicians, business owners, college professors, attorneys. 
  • Holding Language classes to enable all participants the opportunity to learn English or Farsi (for younger Iranians).
  • Providing aid to families in distress by finding emergency child care, social workers, rides to medical facilities and other family-oriented assistance. 
  • Sponsoring activities to help next-generation Iranian Americans learn and preserve our culture and heritage. 
  • Sponsoring seminars on various social and academic subjects with the intent of bringing together Iranian Americans of diverse backgrounds. 
  • Holding programs for seniors to help working Iranian Americans care for aging dependents. 
  • Sponsoring events and festivities to promote and preserve Iranian culture and heritage within our community. 
  • Sponsoring sporting events to engage our youth and preserve family values. Providing access to a library of Iranian-related books and periodicals for the community to browse.




September 1, 1988

A group of dedicated Iranians living in Massachusetts meet to discuss the formation of a group to serve the needs of Iranians and to maintain and promote the Iranian culture in the United States.
October 23, 1988

The Iranian Association of Boston (IAB) is created with the election of a temporary council. The Articles of Organization are filed on November 20, 1988, establishing the IAB as a 501(C)(3) organization. The IAB is a non-political, non-religious entity governed by an executive group overseen by a council elected by the members.
March 1989

The IAB sponsors an “Eid Didani” event at the MIT student center, serving tea and pastry. This celebration, along with others such as Yalda, lectures, films, classes, fundraising events and welfare programs have continued to this day as part of the IAB tradition.
January 1995

The IAB Endowment Fund is established through the first formal fundraising event hosted by the IAB.
August 1998

The IAB leases an 1,800 sq ft unite located at 697 Washington Street, Newton, Massachusetts. It is named “Khane-ye Iran” or “House of Iran”. Here, between ten to fifteen activities per month are hosted by the IAB, including poetry readings, classes, films, lectures, gatherings and celebrations.
November 2000

The generous donation of $100,000 by the Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute, initiates the IAB fundraising campaign and community involvement for the purchase of the first Khane-ye Iran to accommodate the growing and varied activities of the IAB and the increased needs of the Iranian community.
July 23, 2001

Having raised over $300,000, the IAB purchases a 3,000 sq ft unit on the second floor of 319 Washington Street, Brighton, Massachusetts.
November 18, 2001

Continued donations, including a $60,000 gift toward renovations and improvements of the property from a generous Iranian, leads to the opening of the Khane-ye Iran.
March 2003

IAB paid off its mortgage of $50,000 through the matching fund by The Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute.
August 2006

IAB purchased a stand-alone property in Watertown, MA with the generous help of Iranian – American community in Boston and The Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute.