Happy Helpers

“Happy Helpers” is a group of young professionals trying to help provide financial assistance for incoming and prospective students applying to US universities. Happy Helpers took shape in response to the dire economic circumstances in Iran. We believe financial hardship should not be a barrier to realizing one’s dream.

This project will be one among the many others that aim to create equal educational opportunities for students. Our main goal is to assist those most in need. While we realize financial hardship has become a norm for most Iranians, we aim to select those who we think would benefit most from this aid.

In compliance with US laws and regulations, we will only be able to fund these expenses:

  • SEVIS Fee
  • Visa Application Fee
  • Flight Ticket.

If selected, you will have the option to choose which one of the above expenses you’d like us to cover.


  • A fully funded admission from a university in the US. Applications would not be considered without official documentation of your funding package.

  • A one-page letter of the reason why the person will need our help (statement of purpose), written in Farsi/Persian. For each applicant, this letter will be scored by at least three members of the Happy Helpers group.

  • A Resume/CV

Application Process

During the review process, your application will be scored based on the information you provided in the application form, and based on your one-page letter. To the best of our ability, we will try to assign applications to members with similar disciplinary backgrounds. The final decision will depend on your total score and the availability of funds during each application cycle.

Finally, we rely on our successful applicants to keep this project going. So, after you successfully settle in the US, we expect you to make a plan to gradually return the funds you received in installments. The timeline for this process is flexible based on each applicant’s circumstances.